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Welcome to Tower Defense Zone, website dedicated to tower defense online games. Stop the enemies by building defencing towers. You don't need any superpowers, just use your brain!
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Have you ever wondered what exactly Tower Defense is? Well here it is. Tower Defence or TD is a subgenre of real-time strategy computer games. The goal in these TD games is to try to stop enemies from crossing the map by building towers which shoot them as they pass by. Enemies and towers usually have varied abilities and costs. The choice and positioning of the towers is the essential strategy of the game. And that wraps it up! Now that you know, you are ready to start having fun with us at Tower Defense Zone!

Tower defense will bring all the best Tower Defence directly to you. You can play all those games for free right here. Games we bring have been played over 1 million times, so don't forget, tower defense is your first choice for Tower Defence games. You may start as a rookie but in time you just may become the master of Tower Defence. Don't forget, practice makes perfect!

Remember, have fun at Tower Defense Zone! The site where you can take over the entire world in only one wave of creeps.The concept of tower games is based on just as much luck as skill. You need to know what you are doing, but if successful, would enjoy a good game and reap the rewards. We are adding new Tower Defence flash games very often, so don't forget to bookmark us, and check back daily. Enjoy!If you have any problems loading a game or any other technical issue, please contact site admin on contact us page. Tower defense games are very specific. They're not like well known and commercial superhero games (you can find a whole bunch here). We don't use swinging on the net, we don't use gadget - we use our brains.
What we guarantee is that our players will practice and improve their defensive and strategic gaming skills regardless the place and time - in the middle age of in the far future, like in defense game Autobot Stronghold from transformers arcade
What we especially like about tower defense games is their gameplay diversity. Just like in dark horror games - many of these scary defense games are wrapped in a veil of mystery and horror, in many of them you meet mythical and scary creatures, zombies and vampires, which is in fact really awesome. That is because tower defense genre is essentially strongly connected to dark middle age.

players who like defense strategy games are very likely be interested in playing escape games. why? because escape games also involve logic and strategic thinking, puzzle solving. Cool Escape Games - Online Games is our newest project which involves only the top notch escape games.

About Stickman Games

Believe it or not, a whole bunch of stickman games is related to tower defense. On page stick tower defense you will find games like Stick War, Artillery Tower, Stick Defense, Turret Tower Attack, Dry Fire Reloaded. Check them out and you won't regret it.

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